Mat kearney dating

"Hey Mama" suggests a Michael Franti tune, and on "She Got the Honey," Mat Kearney raps, "Saw her down at the De La show/Walking in looking down at her toes." The genre-mixing doesn't always work: "Young Dumb and in Love" sounds like a neutered jock jam, and the grandiose synth pop of "Sooner or Later" is barely distinguishable from One Republic.

“I’m going to wake up from this dream that I’ve been having.” The modest music maker is still thrilled to hear his songs on the radio, too. “I still definitely turn it up when I hear myself on the radio.” His current single, “Hey Mama,” is actually about meeting his wife Annie Sims — even though she wasn’t really having it when he first encountered her!

“We met at a clothing store called Anthropologie,” he reveals.

“I was shopping for my sister-in-law and I was doing the whole, ‘Hey will you help me pick out the dress because I don’t know what I’m doing’ kind of thing — that was my pick up line — and she was not feeling it at all.

She said ‘that dress is ugly and I know what you’re trying to do.'” Despite striking out, Mat continued to pursue her, as he knew one of her friends.

“The first attempt was rough and didn’t work,” he adds.

“That was the beginning and she barely even remembers meeting me, but I figured I’d write about it.We got married last year, so we’re still newlyweds.” Have you thought about making babies? Albums are my babies now, and she has her thing going on.She does her modeling, which she is on a billboard in Time Square right now so that’s exciting.She hasn’t done much modeling, she just did this one thing and all of a sudden she’s everywhere.You wrote “Hey Mama” about her, is there any one song on this album () that is really personal to you?“Hey Mama” I wrote about meeting my wife, so that is very specific — down to the color of boots she was wearing.