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But she was still in love with that man, and I was too betrayed to even think about it. Then we left and started the paperwork." That was nine months ago.

"It's not for the judge we do this, it's for them inside," he says, gesturing to the door next to him.

"They deserve some peace; this is an important hour in their lives." The door leads to the office of the chief marriage counsellor.

Every couple seeking a mutual-consent divorce in Mumbai must spend some time here, to explore whether their differences truly are irreconcilable.

The next day a Reliance driver Bansilal Joshi, 55, and weighing 100kgs, who had worked with the company for around 30 years, and who claims to have been entrusted with driving Mukesh's son Akash Ambani around, turned up at the Gamdevi police station to confess that he had taken the car for a test drive on Sunday morning, and had crashed it.

While the police recorded his statement, a number of factors raised suspicions: Fourth, the driver of the Audi, 25-year-old Ruparel recorded a statement saying the man at the wheel of the Audi, whom she saw weaving through traffic at high speed before he hit her via her rear view mirror, was a young man.

The police also did not arrest Joshi on receiving his statement as they were verifying it against his call records and CCTV footage that would place him at various spots during his supposed test drive.The family court in suburban Mumbai is a ringtone-free zone.Advertising executive Tejas Chakrabarty, 28, remembers this room vividly."I first went there three months after my wedding," he says."My wife, whom I had met through a matrimonial website, was continuing a preexisting affair with a married man.The counsellor tried very hard to convince us to give it another shot.