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Have you ever been looking for something but didn’t know where to find it?If that something is online, then your search is over (or just about to begin).The following are 40 advanced and alternative search engines that you can use to find just about anything on the Internet.

Wolfram Alpha Looking for a search engine based on computation and metrics? It will give you website data, historical information by date, unit conversions, stock data, sports statistics, and more. Then use the filters on the left to see results within people, pages, places, groups, and more.

Linked In People Search If you want to find some new connections on Linked In, use the Advanced People Search.

This will let you narrow down your results by the above plus relationship and language.

Dogpile If you want results from the top three search engines, but don’t want to go to them individually, try Dogpile.

It’s results are pulled from the top three search engines “without all the mess.” Blekko Want spam free search results?

Blekko‘s mission is to provide a differentiated, editorial voice in search. While it doesn’t always get things right, it does give you some great ideas of sites to search under various categories including the ones shown above plus analytics, local, finance, and jobs.They look for quality over quantity, source based authority over link based, removes sites whose primary purpose is monetization over information, and uses human curating through the use of user tags. Need to find something specific on one of the top social networks? Facebook Search Want to see a particular search across different areas of Facebook? When you type in your query, click on the “see more results” link at bottom of the suggestions.To start off our search adventure, let’s look at some general search engines beyond the top three. Duck Duck Go prides themselves as being the search engine that does not track or personalize your searches and results.They even offer handy visual guides on Google tracking and filter bubbling. Now Relevant attempts to give you only results from the last two weeks on your search query.I say attempts because my test searches seemed to be more from the last six months, but it’s still better than getting results from six years ago.Hopefully that will be worked out once they are out of beta.